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I have been the co-owner of YogaMcc (Yoga & Meditation Centre Calgary) with my partner, Daemond, since January 2019. Daemond and I offer all our private session and classes through YogaMcc. YogaMcc is one of Calgary’s first yoga and meditation studios and has been located in the heart of Marda Loop for over 20 years. In 2023 we added a second location in Bowness.




You’ll see how we’re different the moment you enter the studio. Chances are we know your name! If we don’t yet, we want to. It’s our commitment to get to know our students by understanding their intentions for practice.



Our values are FRIENDSHIP, SAFETY, COMMUNITY & BEAUTY. In addition to our established yoga and meditation programming, we also offer breathwork, systemic & family constellations, qigong, sound healing, ecstatic dance, and so much more.



I am passionate about mindful shopping and supporting local businesses. I carefully curate our boutiques to bring you the very best local products. Each item in our boutique has been handpicked for its quality, functionality, and commitment to ethical industry.


The YogaMcc boutiques offers the city’s largest selection of merchandise and props for yoga and meditation. We also specialize in sound healing instruments such as crystal bowls, metal bowls, Koshi chimes, ting shas, bells, and more!

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