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The Ananda Project


I am very passionate about the importance of beauty in our everyday life. So it comes as no surprise that I am also passionate about art and supporting local Canadian artists. I have had the honour of collaborating with amazing Canadian artists and have featured their work on select Ananda product labels. 10% of profits from the sales of Ananda products featuring Canadian artists is donated to a local charity. Stay tuned to learn more about the amazing charities we will be working with!

Feature Artists
Lauren Brooke Sanchez


Lauren Brooke Sanchez is an emerging Calgary-based artist, art and yoga teacher, and self-published author.


After working in architecture and interior design for many years, Lauren discovered her art and early childhood focus after traveling extensively throughout the Carribean, Hawaii, and Mexico where locals taught her the importance of finding purpose and pursuing passions. Upon returning to Canada, she combined art with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and began working as a creative arts mentor. Soon after, through her own studentship in Yoga, Lauren acquired just over 300 hours certification in Yoga Teacher Trainings and followed her calling to embrace, nurture, inspire and transform.


Lauren’s art has been exhibited numerous times in galleries across Canada. Her paintings embody a collective of influences from, what she calls her "spirit wolf pack" -  Matisse, Kahlo, Basquiat,  and Picasso. Lauren's portrait photography has been seen in many publications. Her portfolio of clients include artists Jocelyn Alice, Los Morenos, Joanna Borromeo, Ellen Doty, Calvin Locke. She is currently focusing on SIGE + SWAN – a mala jewelry line with her 'Goddess Collection' that launched on December 21, 2016, and the release of her first illustrated book titled, 'Remembering. An Illustrated (Inner) Children's story'.


LBS is happiest when surrounded by children, animals, nature, and art. She is drawn to old fairy tales and enjoys uncovering the hidden meanings behind the highly imaginative stories. She loves the scent and thrill of finding a rare gem in a used bookstore, and in another life she would have been a detective. Just like Nancy Drew.

Lauren's goddess artwork is featured on all the Ananda body oils. 

Kendall Simmonds


I love to work with my hands. It is where I find the most fulfillment and I believe strongly in the value of art and culture. I am a visual artist, designer, and handpoke tattoo artist. I am self-taught and a life long learner. It is my hope that I can enrich peoples lives through handmade quality art. I want to add beauty to the world and make really rich connections within the community.

Nature is my muse and it is my hope that she seeps through all that I do. I believe that within art we have access to build cultural bridges and connect our global community. I believe that art is a calm to chaos, a remedy to the modern world and an innate gift to humans- we are all creative and I love to learn what other people are making. 

I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology and my fascination with human cultures can be seen in my work. My practices are very much influenced by the ideology that art outlives some languages and is a very valuable tool to connect cultures throughout time.


Kendall's artwork is featured on Ananda's breast massage oil.

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